Thursday, 22 December 2016

Maltesers 'More to share!' (184g) - Does it taste good?

For the second post in the row, I have decided to review a chocolate product which I'm fairly certain the entirety of the United Kingdom has tried at least once. It's almost as though I want this new baby website of mine to purposefully suffer and fail in the scary world of page views and audience retention.

But no, there is a fairly decent reason as to why I'm bothering to review something as widely known as Maltesers, the favourite treat of middle-aged Mums who try to keep an eye on their calorie intake, but do a poor job of it. As the name of this site would suggest, I want this to be the be-all, end-all encyclopaedia of all chocolate, which means all kinds of products fall under the umbrella, be them big or small popularity-wise.

Anyway, full steam ahead with the review. Maltesers have always proudly claimed to be 'the lighter way to enjoy chocolate' - which gives weight watchers a false sense of security, because it's like saying a brick is lighter than cast iron - but this 184g bag kind of defeats the point of it being a light treat somewhat. Of course, they get around that by saying 'More to share!', but I personally know of no people who buy bigger bags of sweets with the sole intention of sharing. 

But anyway, does a bigger bag of Maltesers change anything as such? Well, yes, I'd say so. The regular big bags are about 110g if memory serves me correct, and it's dead easy to get through a whole bag of those. With this 184g bag though, I find it almost impossible to get through it in one sitting without physically forcing myself.

That's not to say that I don't like Maltesers, because I do. But the nature of their honeycomb-like centre means things can get pretty sickly, pretty damn quickly. Rather ironic for the 'lighter' treat, but then again, your mileage may vary. You'll likely find the honeycomb forming a disturbing hard substance on your back teeth after you've had a few, and the extreme sweetness of the honey will discourage you from binging on them so heavily; perhaps that's how they get their healthy slogan.

The chocolate itself is alright. In fact, if I was feeling pretty generous, I would go as far to say as it's quite nice. But be in no doubt, the chocolate on a Malteser is not its standout selling point. Now I'm dwelling on it, I think they only really sell well because there's not much else on the market like them right now - at least not that I can think of from the top of my head. I'm fairly confident that a rival brand could probably cook up something even nicer than Maltesers if they really wanted to, but what's the point now that Maltesers are so established in this country?

So, there we have it. They're not my favourite form of confectionery in the world, because the honeycomb inside is sweeter than Katy Perry in her California Gurls costume. They're certainly not moreish like some sweeties. But they are pretty iconic and integral to our lives - be that mindlessly munching them in the cinema, picking them up with straws in a party game (seriously, it's great fun), or kinky time with your significant other. You absolutely do not need the 184g bag unless you're sharing with people, so save a few precious pennies and get the smaller sizes if you so personally crave them.

Buy it?     Buy a smaller portion - big bag is too sickly

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