Thursday, 29 December 2016

Tesco Plain Chocolate With a Hint of Mint - Does it taste good?

Not that anyone should particularly be caring about what I have to say right around now, but if someone approached me in public asking if it's a good idea to spend £1 on 100g of supermarket own-brand chocolate, I'd walk right past them, pretending not to hear a thing. But let's imagine I'm not as awkward as a scalene triangle. I'd blast "Hell no!" to them. £1 for just 100g? For that price, you may as well just buy an established mid-tier brand, such as Cadbury or a variety from the Mars group.

But Tesco are really trying their hardest to mean business here. Take the packaging, for example. If you removed the Tesco branding, you could quite easily convince me this was a bar of chocolate from a fairly upper-tier brand. I mean, the name of the bar is about as creative as the road layout on Manhattan island, but there's a touch of elegant beauty about it. It also comes wrapped in foil, and boy do I like a good foil-wrapped bar.

Once you're past that little metal delight, you're greeted with chunks with generic mint leafs printed on them - better than nothing, I suppose. What makes me grit my teeth and spit over my neighbour's garden fence is the fact you only get 8 chunks per bar. Now, I'm sorry, but in most peoples' books, one chunk is one bite, or one mouthful. If you have to split the chunk into 2 or 3 separate mouthfuls, then they become rather pointless. Mongs.

The chocolate is fairly brittle and snappy, but that's just a general characteristic of dark chocolate. The bar is thin, too, so the area of the bar tricks you slightly into thinking there's more - especially if you're used to bars such as Dairy Milk and Galaxy. That's not necessarily a mark against Tesco, more just an observation.

Anyway, the taste; the main reason why you probably came to this review in the first place. It tastes alright, and just alright. Average. Five out of ten. The plain chocolate is inoffensive, but leaves nothing of excellence for you to remember it with rose-tinted glasses in the future. If you want to view it more positively, then it's good the chocolate is only 'meh', because it will allow the mint to burst through and take over the show smoothly.

But it doesn't. Not even the slightest. Without a doubt there's mint in there - you can taste it right from the very moment you place the chocolate on your tongue, but it's not a particularly fresh kind of mint. The packet says it's 'refreshing', but it isn't. There just isn't enough of a peppermint kick to it to give it a properly dynamic taste.

If I had to describe the overall taste, I'd call it 'safe'. There's nothing shocking about the bar, but as a result, it ends up being a bit bland and boring - a stark contrast to its fairly attractive wrapping. But there you go; at the end of the day, own-brand chocolate will still be just own-brand chocolate. If you're willing to spend a bit more, there are some premium brands out there that give mint its deserved wow factor.

Buy it?     Only if you're crazy over mint chocolate - better options are available. 

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